The Story. Brad's Beginnings

After living in Dallas for over 30 years and claiming residence in or near downtown for nearly 20 years, Brad made the decision to live in a single-family detached home, with a yard, in or near the downtown Dallas area. He was done living in apartments, lofts, condos and townhomes. After quite a bit of due diligence, he realized there were very few options for what he was looking for in or near the downtown area. One needed to venture quite a ways outside of the downtown Dallas area in order to find anything reasonable in terms of single-family detached homes with yards.

Into the Cedars

During this timeframe, Brad was living at Southside on Lamar (the old Sears Roebuck Catalog Center) in the Cedars neighborhood (the southern edge of downtown Dallas). He often drove around observing all aspects of this intriguing neighborhood. His conclusion was that this is a transitional area with deep history and unlimited upside.

Due to recent economic factors, not much development was going on other than Matthews Southwest’s’ Southside on Lamar and related Lamar St. developments. He did however notice that there was quite a bit of undeveloped land that would be prime for building single family urban homes.

This land is within walking distance to/from downtown Dallas. He figured there must be a reason why this land is not developed. The due diligence process began.

Taking the Leap

In 2008, he took the leap and built a prototype energy-efficient home in the middle of The Cedars neighborhood as his residence. He now owns the only new, eco-friendly, single-family detached home within blocks of downtown Dallas.

What he always thought was an unattainable dream, is now a reality. Numerous positive comments about his home, lead him to believe many others had the same thoughts and dreams... a new, beautiful, affordable, energy efficient single-family home next to downtown, is now a possibility.

The journey began…