THE GALLERIES ON HICKORY by DIG IT! DEVELOPMENT is the brainchild of sales and marketing journeyman Brad Friedman. I guess journeyman sounds better than boppin’ around looking for something to be passionate about. Maybe not, but you get the point. Brad is a business maverick and community activist, fueled by college-like enthusiasm mixed with teen-like A.D.D. Realizing his numerous deficiencies, Brad quickly partnered up with long time friend Steve Jordan. Steve is an extremely consistent, highly chilled human, with critically acclaimed design talent. Steve is the proprietor of Steven Jordan Designs, a respected environmental design firm.

DIG IT! DEVELOPMENT is a mini collaboration of opposite personalities and unrelated skills, combined with minimal real estate development experience and unbelievable passion.

The perfect mix…Right?

We think so!

Shipley Architects, Dan Shipley, FAIA

Dan Shipley is an award-winning architect based in Dallas, TX. See examples of his work at

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